Friday, February 03, 2006

Saregamapa Challenge

Hemachandra is my choice of India Voice because,

1.He is just 17, a cool, confidant and comfortable singer not only on stage but has a serene temperament even on backstage, while the other 2 contestants are biting their nails .

2.He sings even the most difficult songs with ease,very close to the original singer of the song.Undoubtedly the most romantic voice of all.

3.Being a south indian ,it is quite amazing how he could sing the regional songs of north India with so much beauty and grace.

4.He's got a charming personality lit with a sweet smile,and those graceful and stylish dance movements go voila!.

5.He has similar traits from his mother,who is very calm, confidant and her blessings make him what he is today.

6.If it is the voice hunt for India,I feel that all the contestants must sing songs from regional languages from east, west,north and south.If hemachandra a south indian made to sing punjabi,then debojit and vinit must handle a south indian song as well.

7.I guess, this is what hema's mom would have told him,"perform your best and forget the rest".

8.Hemachandra though not selected to the finals because of the voting from east and west zones,he is with Subhash Ghai, and will make wonderful career ,may all our blessings be with him.

9.I personally feel that he could become one of the hot and handsome hero's of south indian cinema, if a good director can mould his talents well(looks similar to Madhavan in his teens)
Good luck to u hema,keep up yr spirits!

For those of you who want to know more about hemachandra log in to :

Monday, December 05, 2005

Looking Back

I just happened to browse through my family's old photo albums on a bored evening time,I 've no words to say but call it a "Magic" cause in an instant it brought back all the sweet memories of the past and happiness in the heart ,and also tears in my eyes ;to see such lovely moments of togetherness ,for once all my close relatives like my aunt's ,my cousins used to gather at our home for any pooja's or a birthday party.What wonderful moments were they, but things have changed a lot these days,everyone is so busy with thier own familys. they dont have time to spend with the person in the next room,either you are busy with office or business, or on the phone, or on the comp or watching something on the TV,technology I feel is a thief of interpersonal communication.Technology alone is not to be blamed, we human beings are getting away from people , into our own sphere,not much bothered about anyone ,gone are the days when there was laughter and fun with family and friends all scattered in the open verandah of a home, some playing the card game, kids playing 'paandi' on the floor, neighbours walking into our homes without proir notice, getting into fun and gossips!.We have started to prefer loneliness these days, hence the the rise of health hazards.Modern Day provides many means of communication technologies , yet the real happiness of family gettogethers can never be brought back. Is that not a pity?

I wish I can go back to the olden happy days!.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - A movie with a special story

Music composed by our very own Isaignani Illayaraja , he had brought the famous Budapest Symphony Orchestra team from Hungary to Chennai to work for this Indian movie.

It is said that for the first time in indian Cinema ,an orchestra from Hungary would be performing for an Indian film.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, being made simultaneously in four languages (Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu), is being produced by Varghese and directed by Vayalar Madhav.

The movie is targeted for the children , it is about a boy who wants to become a eunuch and finally with the help of a swamiji ,he overcomes the troubles he encounters.

It is said to be a hilarious movie,a big budget one releasing worldwide on 2nd dec.

Budapest Symphony Orchestra team are so much impressed with Illayaraja's professionalism .

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I saw "Ghajini"

It was my cousin calling me at 9 30 pm on a friday evening,he got tickets for us to the movie "ghajini",ok, we had a quick dinner, left my son at my mom's place ;set off in our bike to Sathyam cineplex in a few mins.Alas the only problem was that our seats were 4 rows from the front, and also the heads had to be in right angle to watch the screen,fine.All set the movie began after a set of commercials lasting for 20 minutes;I had great expectations for this film, but it proved to be yet another commercial one, with a different storyline .Let me review the movie in my next blog,the incident that upseted me was the group of younsters seated in the row before us were drunk and still drinking(each having a bottle in their hands), the surrounding smell was sickening us, could not enjoy the few hours of movie time,we waited till intermission, then my hubby wanted me to leave this place for no other reason than this .We left the theatre and back home.

Can something be done to remove drinking within theatre premises?It kills the joy of entertainment for people like us.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A new Diwali

Come Diwali, everyone is making grand preparations ,buying new clothes, sweets, gifts, fireworks .On this auspicious day, wouldn’t it be nice if each one of us can share the things that we have with the less privileged and make it a day to remember. Well Iam getting prepared to do that this Diwali , are you?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Celebs I would like to meet!

Inspired by the latest post by Prakash our fellow blogger , I would like to list out a few celebrities whom I would like to meet before I die.They are

1.Meet Super star Rajnikanth and ask him,

"Inspite of having surrounded by an aura of fans and wealth, how do u manage to be so simple and humble?"

2.Meet Aishwarya Rai and ask her,

"How is that you are every man's dream girl inspite of them having a girlfriend in reality?"

3.Meet Mestro Illayaraja and ask him,

"How could you weave such beautiful melody into music and that when movie's being a visual media , still your songs bring out the true emotions of the characters in them.?"

4.Meet Tom Hanks and tell,
"Everytime I finish watching your movie,It gives me so much positive energy and zeal to pursue life happily, I wish you make more movies like them."

And many more.....

Thursday, September 08, 2005

King Khan is new Lux queen!